Can I Change My IP?

Definitely, you can change your IP address whenever you want if you are using the right service. With FortifyMyNet, hiding or changing the original IP of your computer takes no more than a few seconds. It’s no fun when you have to go through 10 different steps to perform such a simple task.

Let us guide you on some of the methods that can help you keep your IP address hidden. However, you can always keep it shorter by downloading FortifyMyNet, connecting to it, and instantly hide your IP.

Securely Changing My IP Address – Is There a Fast and Secure Way?

Of course, we provide you with the fastest and most secure method of keeping your IP address invisible from the rest of the internet world. Use our application and it should not take you more than a couple of seconds to browse the internet with your IP hidden.

You get top notch encryption of your data connection
Your IP remains anonymous to your ISP, government, and any other entities on the internet
You can browse, stream, and download at unprecedented fast speeds
You leave no footprint behind as you browse the internet
You avail all of these benefits on all of your devices

Privacy Is Your Right – Exercise It with FortifyMyNet

If you want to keep your identity hidden on the internet, then that’s your right. Others have to cater to this requirement of yours. Even if they don’t, you have FortifyMyNet for hiding your IP, removing your internet footprint, and allowing you to surpass ISP and government restrictions.

Reasons for Keeping Your IP Address a Secret

The IP address is the identifier of your computer, which means it lets people know who you are, what you are doing, and where you are. Use IP hiding features our FortifyMyNet VPN for the following reasons.

Don’t let people know where you are
Don’t let websites track you
Don’t let advertisers annoy you with ads
Don’t leave your internet footprint behind
Don’t let ISP and government restrictions affect you
Don’t let geo-IP restrictions stop you
Don’t allow hackers to access you

Get FortifyMyNet Today

Within a few seconds, you can download and install FortifyMyNet. From the moment you connect, you can start using the internet without worrying about your privacy, security, and anonymity.

How Do I Find out My IP Address Is Hidden?

You can now use online websites to instantly see your IP address. In fact, you can click here to land on the page that tells you your IP. If it shows a different IP than your original one, you know the VPN is working.

What’s the way to use FortifyMyNet to hide my IP on mobile devices?

If you have the FortifyMyNet application on your smartphone or tablet device, you just have to open it. Choose the server that offers you the best speeds, connect to it, and viola. You are now browsing the internet without exposing your IP.

How can I use FortifyMyNet on my computer?

The process is quite similar to what you do on your tablet or smartphone. Just start the application and pick the server that you think will offer you the best outcomes based on the activity you are about to perform. Once done, your IP address is now hidden and you can browse the internet without worries.

Are You Really Changing the Right IP Address Every Time?

When it comes to IP addresses, this is technical stuff for a lot of folks. There are certain subtleties that they don’t understand, even the experts might not be fully aware of these things. So, when you look into the network and sharing settings of your computer, you see an IP address. You might think that changing this address should do the job.

That’s not true at all. What you don’t realize is that this address is only a local one for your computer. Within the network that you have created for your devices, this might be a good address. However, this particular address is no good at revealing your location and whereabouts.

So, when we talk about changing your IP address, we are referring to the one that is visible to the internet world. That’s the IP address your ISP sees too and bans certain pieces of content for you based on that IP address. It is not a simple process to change that IP address and that’s where you need VPN service like FortifyMyNet.

We change the address that others are locating you with to know more about you. Once that IP has changed, no one can see you and your browsing on the internet becomes safe, secure, and private—just the way you want.