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Feature Comparison of Our VPN Plans


For personal projects

Military-grade encryption
Unlimited bandwidth
No ads
3,200+ servers in 70+ countries
Connect up to 5 devices
24/7 live tech support


30-Day free trial

Military-grade encryption
Unlimited bandwidth
No ads
3,200+ servers in 70+ countries
Connect up to 5 devices
24/7 live tech support

Why Choose FortifyMyNet as Your Free VPN?

Why Choose FortifyMyNet as Your Free VPN?

Free VPN – Tips for Selecting the Right One

Experience and Tenure

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained. PixFort may change this privacy policy from time to time at PixFort's sole discretion.

No Logs Philosophy

It wouldn’t make sense if you hid your data from all other companies and websites in the world but not your VPN service provider? Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you use some of the other VPN services. When you sign up with FortifyMyNet, you will notice that we have a no-logs policy. This means we don’t keep any logs of your internet browsing, connectivity, or history information. This means you are as invisible to us as you are from the entities you are trying to hide yourself from.

Overall Performance

You can’t just sign up with a VPN service and then feel the annoyance for the rest of your life. Do you think it won’t happen? It happens to more people than you might imagine. People sign up with VPN services without checking their overall performance i.e. speed of the server, locations of the servers, etc. With FortifyMyNet, you can always enjoy optimum performance.

Our many server locations allow you to connect with any banned website or pierce through any restrictions that your government or ISP has on you. When you use FortifyMyNet free VPN, you will not experience any slow connections. Our free version might have limited features, but not flawed features.

More Users Being Added to Our Customer Base Every Day

Our customer base is increasing on a daily basis. Our existing customers like to refer their friends to our services because they love our free and paid VPN, and how smooth our features work.

Reasons to Go with FortifyMyNet for a Free VPN

Use Anywhere and on Any Device

As you continue to surf the digital world, you leave a footprint behind that could lead the bad guys to you. However, as soon as you connect to one of the hundreds of FortifyMyNet servers, you hide and completely remove that footprint. Rest assured, even we don’t record your logs as you browse the internet.

No Compromise on Speed

Ever run into a website or application that does not let you use it because you are from a particular region or country? Let FortifyMyNet help you bypass this annoying restriction. Within seconds of connecting to FortifyMyNet, you will be able to use that application or website.

Top-Notch Privacy and Anonymity

Slow streaming is an internet user’s worst nightmare, but a gift that often comes with inferior VPN services. Stream your favorite TV shows, movies, videos, and sporting events at lightning fast speeds when you are connected to one of FortifyMyNet’s advanced servers.

Are There Any Hidden Fees or Charges?

That might be a tradition of other companies, but we don’t operate this way. If you want to use our paid services, we have some affordable paid plans for you with some great features. However, our FREE VPN is exactly what the name says – FREE.

Is a VPN Really Needed?

The way the modern internet world works, you definitely need a VPN for your protection. Security breaches and account information getting stolen are more common happenings than you may want them to be. If only everyone was using a VPN, cyber criminals would not stand a chance.

When you use FortifyMyNet VPN, you connect to one of our servers, which means you now have the IP address of that server. When someone sees your IP, they see the IP of the server instead. Furthermore, your internet data gets encrypted, which is like saying it gets wrapped around with an envelope that does not let others see through.

Using the Internet with No VPN

Your real IP address is visible to everyone
Companies know your browsing history and keep annoying you with ads
Your ISP can block you from accessing certain content
Your Government can ban you from accessing certain content
A website with geo-IP restrictions will prevent you from accessing its content
An ecommerce website might not offer you regional discounts and offers

Using the Internet with Our VPN

No one sees your actual IP address ever
Your government can’t stop you from accessing certain content
You can easily escape ISP restrictions
You can access websites that block your country’s IP addresses
You can enjoy movies, TV shows, streaming, etc. available to only a particular country
You can enjoy discounts available only within a specific region

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