FortifyMyNet Offers an Optimal Solution to Hide Your Location

FortifyMyNet contains more than 1800 servers from all over the globe including 80+ countries and 35+ cities. With our services, you can securely access blocked information and content using a unique IP address for other countries.


With FortifyMyNet, You Can Access the Right VPN Server Location

Use VPN Server Locations for:

Secure Wi-Fi Connections
When you connect with an unsecured Wi-Fi network, you can protect your data from cybercriminals.
Live Events and Sporting
Watch live events despite restrictions in your country. Also, the VPN service helps you avoid blackouts.
Online Shopping
Search for vacation packages and cheap flights from other counties and book your tickets.
Get early access to the games that are released only in a certain country. Also, avoid lag time by joining a fast IP address.
While traveling to another country, you can still watch your favorite shows as if you were at home.
Hiding Your Online Identity
Hide your private information from sites that are looking for your location and identity.

By joining FortifyMyNet, you will receive faster speed, seamless streaming, and a wide range of content from your home or on the go.

FortifyMyNet Offers an Optimal Solution by Automatically Providing a VPN Server

After connecting to the server location with FortifyMyNet, Hydra technology will direct you to the best IP address available. We use a single transport protocol that prevents the need for multiple configurations and automatically selects the best server for you.

Hydra will consider your requirements to connect you with the best server. For instance, if you are streaming, gaming, browsing, downloading, or P2P, Hydra will offer an optimal solution. The Hydra protocol is our best tool to provide an easy, secure, private, and fast connection. Are you still confused about joining FortifyMyNet? Check FortifyMyNet VPN services with our free trial.

Choose Your Location

Even though FortifyMyNet chooses the best server available, you can also manually browse through the options and choose an alternate server. For instance, if there is a sporting blackout in your country, you can change your IP address to a specific country. Manual selection of a server is not a difficult task. You can move through the servers with a click of a button.

Connect from Any Location

When you shift your IP address by connecting with the FortifyMyNet server location, you can access the data and use the internet as a local. For instance, if you live in the U.S., you can access the data content available only in the U.K. This indicates that you can use your favorite streaming services from another country without even changing your physical location. You can do that by masking your IP address with FortifyMyNet’s U.K. server. In other words, FortifyMyNet will change your IP address to a U.K. server, so you can access the content restricted in your country.

Check your IP Address

With FortifyMyNet you can easily switch to an IP address from a different country and change your digital location. Use our tool to check the IP address of your device.

FortifyMyNet’s Trial Account vs. Premium Account

When you are using a trial account with FortifyMyNet, you have access to one VPN server. If you want to access other server locations, upgrade to FortifyMyNet’s premium account.



Good for secure, private browsing.
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You will be billed $10.99 per month upon completion of the 14-day trial.

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Get FortifyMyNet VPN Premium Version
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