FortifyMyNet The Ideal Windows VPN

Browse the internet with peace of mind with our robust FortifyMyNet Windows VPN.


FortifyMyNet – Securing Your PC with a Windows VPN

Let us provide you with safe internet browsing, surfing, downloading, and streaming. If you have a Windows PC, you will be more than happy to download and use FortifyMyNet for its robust features, many server locations, and speeds that no other VPN can match.

FortifyMyNet Windows VPN – How to Use It

If you are wondering where to start or what the first step is, you will be surprised to know how easy FortifyMyNet has made it to get and use a VPN service.

The Purpose of a VPN

Stay Anonymous
We’ll encrypt your data and hide your IP, allowing you to stay anonymous as you use the internet.
Fast Integration
If you don’t like our services within 30 days of use, you can stop the service without penalties.
Multiple Device Support
Do you have multiple devices, such as a tablet, smartphone, and a computer? Connect them all with FortifyMyNet at once.
Dedicated Protocol
Our dedicated protocol for Windows PC makes our VPN the best out there for PC users globally.
Professional Customer Service
Don’t hold yourself back from getting in touch with us when you need help. We are happy to help.
Foolproof Encryption
We protect your data with the latest encryption protocols on the market so there is no room for regret and remorse.
Data with No Limits
There is no daily or weekly limit on the data you use. Keep browsing, downloading, and streaming.
Use from Anywhere
Our VPN is available to in all parts of the world. With our widespread server locations, you can always enjoy optimized speeds.

Should You Download FortifyMyNet Windows VPN?

You’re Trusting the Trusted

Don’t put your money in the hands of the people who don’t care about your security. Instead, they are more concerned with their money than they are with you. They provide you with cheap-quality or completely free VPNs only so they can access your data without you getting to know about it. Yes, “free” is a lure or trap they use to get you to sign up with them. Talk about security, encryption, IP address hiding, etc. they have none of that. Trust the Windows VPN that hundreds of thousands of users already trust around the world. They connect to our servers daily to make their internet journeys safe and private. Hide your IP, stay anonymous, and encrypt your data when you browse with our Windows VPN that has been designed with you in mind. We recommend you trust the trusted rather than paving the way to remorse that usually comes to people who use free VPNs.

Worldwide Server Locations

There are many different types of restrictions that a user is trying to escape by using a VPN. You might be trying to avoid website throttling from your ISP or you could be finding a way to watch Netflix without the geographical restrictions. For each purpose, you have to connect to a different type of server, and that’s where FortifyMyNet really excels and offers you something better than the competition. FortifyMyNet has its servers located in all parts of the world. With close to 90 server locations and thousands of servers, we make sure you can connect to the one that offers you exactly what you want. Connect to a nearer server for faster speeds or go with a server that lets you break through the geographical restraints that won’t let you get discounts or watch your favorite shows.

Reasons You Should Use a VPN

Stay Private Even in Public Settings

It is not much different to use a public computer or to use your personal computer in public. The constant stream of internet that’s traveling to and from your device is completely unsecure and unprotected, providing a perfect opportunity to even a beginner-level hacker to access, manipulate, and take advantage of your personal details.


What’s the way to use your Windows VPN?

It’s simple. You just have to download the application from our website and then double click on the icon to install it. After the installation has completed, you just have to pick a server location that you think will be serve your needs. Once connected, you can enjoy internet browsing, surfing, and streaming like a free bird.

Will FortifyMyNet Windows VPN work on other devices than my Windows PC?

You will love the fact that we have designed our VPN for all types of devices. Firstly, whether you are using the Windows operating system on your desktop or laptop does not matter. Our application will work just fine on both. However, if you are looking for a way to use the VPN on other operating systems, you can do that too.

FortifyMyNet VPN can work on your Android devices just like it does on the iOS devices. You can also use our application on your MACs. The best thing is that you can connect our VPN to multiple devices at the same time. So, if you have more people at home who want to access a website through a VPN, they will not have to buy a separate subscription.

Are you the best Windows VPN out there?

We don’t want to make any false claims here. Yes, we are one of the best that you can get access to, but we don’t want to claim to be the best. Instead, we will let our customers decide that. We have many customers who have never looked back after they started using our application on their Windows computers.

Also, keep in mind that some people decide the “best” VPN as the one with the lowest price. What’s the lowest price? Of course, nothing can beat “Free”. However, the VPNs on the internet that are free for life and are easily available without even downloading can be dangerous. They do the exact opposite of what you are trying to use them for.

You want safety and anonymity, whereas they offer you none. They leak your data, keep a record of your internet browsing history with them, and have no proper encryption in place. If you are looking for a free version at first, try the free FortifyMyNet Windows VPN and upgrade only when you feel the need to.